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Experienced Change Consultants

Meet our international group of experienced consultants

Koen Veltman

Koen Veltman is a true believer in business as a force for good. Koen has over 10 years of experience as consultant at McKinsey & Company, Aberkyn and SparkOptimus. Building hands-on expertise in over 40 organizations in transformation topics like designing and delivering large scale change, organizational design, leadership development, Agile, Lean, strategy to execution, culture change at scale, and front line customer excellence. Working across a broad number of industries and geographies with organizations ranging from 5 people start-ups as well as 250,000 people collectives.

Additionally, Koen held a role as COO in a venture, worked at an energy efficiency startup, supported multiple NGOs and is a board member of the non-profit INDEVOR for which he was the founder of INDEVOR consulting. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc in Econometrics and Quantitative Finance from Tilburg University.

Koen is the founder of OrganizationBuilders and was the third Holacracy Certified Coach in the Netherlands.

Pieter Wijkstra

Pieter Wijkstra holds an MSc in Aerospace Engingeering from Delft University of Technology. He was actively involved in two startups which closely cooperated with the university. At McKinsey &  Company’s Amsterdam office, Pieter worked on strategic, operational and organization projects for international clients before joining Rotterdam based shipping company Anthony Veder in commercial and project management roles.

Having seen many different companies, varying in size and industry, it struck Pieter that many organizations struggle with adapting their organization in changing environments. Pieter is convinced that Holacracy’s focus on organizing around work instead of people and powering individual employees with freedom and responsibility will support organizations to cope with changing environments.

Pieter has recent hands-on experience of applying Holacracy at a digital media start-up and is a Certified Holacracy Coach.



Anna Swinkels is a star in organizing and bringing people together. She studied to become a Montessori primary school teacher and studied Office Management for a couple of years. She discovered a common theme, her love for supporting people and helping them to improve themselves. 

During the five years Anna worked in childcare, she had many different roles from the receptionist and human resources to planning and childcare worker. She learned how to be flexible and multitask, always with a smile! After these years she made the switch to commercial business. SparkOptimus was in 2013 a fast growing consultancy agency with ten employees. Anna has seen the company grow to fifty employees and was intimately involved during this explosive growth period. Her central role was that of personal assistant to managing partners.

At OrganizationBuilders, Anna has many different roles, from Website administrator and IT support to Event organizer and Culture Amplifier. With her pragmatism, attention to detail and openness, she helps OrganizationBuilders grow.

You can run into Anna on a Salsa party, behind a sewing machine, traveling with her husband, with her nose buried in an English thriller book or laughing at Van Kooten and De Bie.


Bob Schipper is an experienced change consultant, specializing in social technologies. He holds an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Groningen, studied Theology and worked as a professional rowing coach. 

Particularly during innovation programs, Bob noticed how great initiatives got stuck in the rigidity of traditional management hierarchies. Being successful in a fast changing world, requires organizations to be able to adapt quickly, continuously and as a matter of routine. Organic and constant growth as an answer to growing complexity, instead of intelligent design. 

Bob is a dedicated father, passionate cyclist, photographer and a Certified Holacracy Facilitator.

ray_round (1).PNG

Raymond Parlevliet is a certified coach and trainer. For Raymond, the person in the organization is most important. He is convinced organization can grow by empowering their employees. By emphasizing on passions and talents and by creating self-awareness and recognizing behavioral patterns. Raymond is also a firm believer of inexhaustible (team)development. 

Raymond has eight years of experience as a real estate developer and project manager within complex organizations as Ymere (housing association) and NS Stations (Dutch Railway Company). The redevelopment of Maastricht Station is an excellent example of his work. Over the years, Raymond put more and more effort into his coaching career. He has several years of experience in supporting managers and teams. Raymond helped them to achieve their personal and work goals. He has seen people perform better by increasing their self-awareness.

Raymond is a proud father of two en likes to practice Krav Maga. The combination of self-defense with a challenging work out and the mental aspect is what attracts Raymond in this sport.


Rinze Krijgsman is an organizational psychologist and his drive is to bring out the best in people and organizations. He connects personal goals to the ambitions of the organization.Rinze is an experienced management consultant and international management trainer. He is transparent, energetic and he likes to encourage people to take deliberate action.

Rinze is known as a challenger and is a creative out-of-the-box thinker. During his study of Work and Organizational Psychology he also studied at the conservatory (trumpet). His goal within OrganizationBuilders is: 'Scaling up excellence!'


Stefanie Koch is deeply convinced that an increase of responsibility and power to people working in organizations will contribute immensely to a company’s success – that’s why self-organization is a fundamental element of her work. As organizational psychologist with profound experience in change management, organizational, leadership and team development, it’s her passion to support people to realize their potential to the fullest and to overcome fear in uncertain situations.

Stefanie gained experiences in multinationals as well as in medium-sized family-owned enterprises, both as consultant and manger, taking advantage of her journalism, banking and psychology background. With the current challenges derived from globalization, digitalization and new generations, she supports clients to develop agile approaches such as Holacracy and to level up the workforce skills. She currently is a Holacracy Certified Practitioner.


Andrea Farè has gained over the span of 25 years a wide range of experiences in the inner workings of a vast amount of organizational contexts, from the extremely rigid and rule based ones (as a former trainee pilot in the Italian Air Force), through the most business oriented ones (starting out as a software developer in the telco sector and then becoming a client account manager for an Italian consulting firm), to the most flexible and creative ones (performing in  jazz ensembles of various dimensions: from trios to big bands).

His passion for self management is the outcome of a long research for the ideal mix of rules and improvisation that will drive an organization towards its goals while still making its members feel safe, satisfied and empowered. This research has brought him to Holacracy, and he has become the first Holacracy Certified Coach in Italy, he also holds an MBA from Politecnico di Milano.


Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller is a Holacracy Certified Coach based in Vienna. Early on Christiane was in Leadership positions in the international hotel business and advertising as well the CEO of a diversified Holding Company with subsidiaries in Retail, Trade and IT. Since 1997 Christiane focuses on the intersection of organizational and leadership development. She is also the founder of the Center for Integral Leadership, founder of Evolution At Work and recently founding Member of

Christiane is known as a practical person and at the same time driven by a deep sense of curiosity, always sensing into what is needed now and searching for practical answers. That makes me a committed continuous learner.