October  27: Taster Workshop


The purpose of this workshop is to give you a “taste” of what working the Holacracy way is like.  It provides you with a view why Holacracy is a fully functioning alternative to the management hierarchy.


This half day workshop includes a simulation (in which you participate) of both a Holacracy style Tactical as well as a Governance meeting to give you a first hand experience on how to structure, govern, and run an organization. As well as a brief introduction to Holacracy,  Q&A and the opportunity to share insights with other participants.

For whom? 

Executives and entrepreneurs exploring different forms of organization for their organization and interested in a first experience. Organizational decision-makers interested in how Holacracy works.

This workshops is a small group event with a maximum of 20 participants.



Surinameplein 124 Amsterdam


What participants say:

The Taster Workshop is a great way to get to know Holacracy and a very nice interactive way to experience it in real life.
The Taster workshop is a great start into Holacracy. Well-thought through, inspiring and a first flavor of how it actually works. A refreshing experience.
The simulation helped me so much more than any literature or talk to understand the inherent power of Holacracy.
A mind-blowing experience. A radical power re-adjustment packed in an organizational model replacing our so well known management hierarchy.


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