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Holacracy Resources worth exploring

Explore Holacracy

Want to explore more about Holacracy® and self-organization? Find below a selection of articles and videos which we BELIEVE are worth reading.


our 12 min video introduction to Holacracy


Holacracy specific resources


Brief Introduction

2 minute video by Holacracy One on the basics of Holacracy.


Full introduction

Brian Robertson explains Holacracy in this 20 minute TEDx talk.


An overview of Holacracy and presents its core elements. 


Complete Resource

In this book, Brian Robertson, gives the full picture on Holacracy.

No More Job Titles (Article)

Blinkist describe why and how they abolished job titles.

Interview (&Podcast)

Harvard professor interviews Zappos' holacracy implementation lead.


Follow Lausanne Business School as they describe their Holacracy implementation.

Why you should care (Article)

Adam Pisoni, founder of on why you should care about Holacracy.


broken way of work (Article)

Blinkist explains why and how to fix the fact that we still work like coal miners 

Beyond the Hype (Article)

In-depth article on Holacracy and its implementation at Zappos.

Learning Holacracy (Article)

Interview with founder of telecom company Voys on their Holacracy experience. 

Age of the Self-Managed Organization (Article)

Doug Kirkpatrick on on self-organization as solution in today's fast evolving world.




How Zappos started (Podcast)

Alexis Gonzales Black recalls how Zappos started 'experimenting' with Holacracy

Purpose in A complex WOrld (Article)

Organizational Consultant Usha Gubbala on matching today's complex, uncertain needs.


Self management in a broader perspective

Beyond empowerment (Video)

Doug Kirkpatrick shares his views on self management.

The puzzle of motivation (video)

Career analyst Daniel Pink explains why traditional rewards often do not work.

Marshmallow challenge (video)

Tom Wujec on a team building exercise with spaghetti, tape and a marshmallow.


Articles featuring OrganizationBuilders

An agile change method (Dutch)

Article by OrganizationBuilders founder Koen Veltman on improving a company culture.


Better way to organize (Video)

Introduction of Holacracy by Koen Veltman at TEDx INSEAD.

Better way to organize (Article)

Article by Koen Veltman on Holacracy at Seat2Meet location MeetBerlage.


Events and publications we have participated in