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Case | The Mobile Company full implementation


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Case | The Mobile Company full implementation

Anna Swinkels

We selected OrganizationBuilders knowing that they had the experience to back up our wishes – and they turned the promise into practice, effortlessly facilitating real progress both individually and on a strategic level, never losing sight of the bigger picture while still getting all of the details right
— Kees van Mourik in his Holacracy Maturity (former CEO) role

Being at the heart of the mobile industry and working with some of the biggest and most promising brands in the Benelux, we know better than anyone how fast the world changes – and why leading that change is crucial to stay relevant. As an expert in developing mobile apps that matter, lean and agile is our second nature when it comes to the work we do. But what about how we organize ourselves as a company? To be truly agile means that adaptability comes from within. For us, Holacracy is the way to make that happen.


We decided that we didn’t want any shortcuts in implementing Holacracy. Before we take this big step, it was necessary to know the rules of the game to play it right. To get there, we chose OrganizationBuilders as a partner in coaching us throughout the process. With clearly structured roles in circles that came to life organically, weekly tactical and governance meetings and Koen Veltman as our certified hands-on coach to motivate change, we experienced firsthand the value of getting well-qualified support


In adopting Holacracy, command, and control has become a thing of the past. We have distributed authority to everyone in the company, empowering them to self-direct labor and decisions within their accountabilities in this system of mutual trust. Meetings quickly became more structured and focused. Organizing people shifted into organizing work around each of the goals we wish to achieve. Holacracy eliminated the implicit structure, giving us clarity on how our organization works – and how each of us can contribute to further growth through personal initiatives.