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Case: Web1on1

Cases - Web1on1

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A Live Holacracy implementation

The methodology from OrganizationBuilders really helped us through the implementation smoothly, it is very well thought through.
— Erwin van Dijk, co-owner and Holacracy Implementation Lead


We are a Live-chat company. We believe that consumers love to use messaging for their contact with organizations. Hence our purpose is “Help organisations transform messaging into their No. 1 communications channel”. We have seen steady growth in customers, chats and customer satisfaction. As a growing company we were struggling how to remain on par with our growth as an organization. We wanted to keep growing AND stabilize our team and core practices at the same time. An additional challenge is that the majority of our teams work virtually, our industry is changing at a rapid pace and we have an ambition to expand our services in multiple directions, including internationally. We require an organizational structure to facilitate this in a natural way. To make this happen, Holacracy proved the right choice!


What did we do?

We started by reading a couple of books about Holacracy and concluded that IF we wanted to start with Holacracy we had to go all the way. With an all-hands off-site session we started defining the circles & roles and early on incorporated a strategy for each circle. With the clarity of Glassfrog and the structured tactical & governance meetings we quickly learned the new practice. In addition, we received training to support us in building new skills as well. Across the whole initial implementation period we have steadily built up our circles & roles structure. Based on the tensions we had, we clarified the roles within our existing organizational structure first. Over the last few weeks we have taken bigger steps to restructure our circles themselves.


What are the results?

Be aware that the first weeks can be quite turbulent and sometimes you wish for faster results / improvements. Looking back, we feel this is completely normal behaviour since you’re starting a path to master Holacracy. One of the most fulfilling results is getting clarity about roles & responsibilities within the organization. And because of this people feel more empowered to get things done in their own roles. Besides this, we’re confident that as a company we are able to adapt better to the changing environment.

We are now 4 months into our Holacracy journey and have operated on the Holacracy system for the last 2 months without major Coach support. We have significantly re-shaped our organization from a Commercial and Operations focused business into goal oriented circles. Although there is still much work to be done, we are confident that we now have an effective way to organize ourselves so we are ready for the future.