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Taster Workshop

We invited Koen to do a Holacracy taster workshop at the THNK FSTVL because we wanted to cater to the curiosity of many of our participants about this much talked about new form of self-organisation by offering them a first-hand experience of two meeting types essential to the functioning of Holacracy.
— Berend-Jan Hilberts, Dean THNK

Participant insights:

  • This is a new way to build a leading organization. Holacracy rules!
  • I learned there is a new way to build a learning organisation. And that the benefit is a more agile, self-organized and efficient organization.
  • Rules will set you free! Holacracy as a true alternative to the management hierarchy.
  • A real first step to understand Holacracy. It will take time and discipline to implement it
  • A radical power re-adjustment packed in an organizational model replacing our so well-known management hierarchy.

Our taster workshops

We frequently organize facilitator workshops and you're more than welcome to join. Find out the current schedule on our events page.