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Case: Preludium



Self-organization support

In a very pragmatic approach we have built a solution which is really ours. We feel confident about the future.
— Rutger Brouwer

What did prelidium need?

Preludium is the official programme of the Royal Concertgebouw and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra including the digital programs for each concert. Each month and against a tight deadline, a small editorial board produces a high quality publication for a critical audience. Goal for the project was to create stability and space for the board by reducing work pressure and freeing up time for development and innovation.


Wat Did we do?

As a team we worked on way-of-working improvements. Not an entirely new approach, mainly an approach that enables us to improve the way we work on a monthly basis by continuously processing suggestions for improvement. Additionally, we now employ a number of practical improvement tools, amongst which an improved method to visualise our work, map the peaks in capacity and improve our internal communication. 


Wat Are the results?

The approach by OrganizationBuilders gave us much insight and lead to immediate results. An analytical approach in discovering underlying issues at first followed by a joint and critical assessment of roles and accountabilities. In addition to working in the process, we now also work on the process itself. This way, we can take a few practical steps forward instead of circling in search of an ideal solution.