Case | ABN Amro incompany Taster Workshop

A highly recommended real experience with a form of self-organization that has a fit with a large corporate
— Ingrid van der Linden, ABN AMRO

What did ABN Amro need?

Within ABN AMRO Escrow we are for four months into exploring self-organization with two teams. We are one of the first groups within the bank to try self-organization. We were looking for a practical methodology we could apply to our team.

What did we do?

In a half-day training, we explored the different thoughts of Holacracy. We simulated the tactical and governance meeting to get a hands-on experience with the various Holacracy concepts and did a lot of Q&A on how to apply in our team.

What are the results?

We now have better knowledge of what it takes to become self-organizing within a large corporate organization. It was an intense workshop filled with many concepts that are worth exploring one-by-one. The Holacracy way to define roles, its meeting structure, the supporting tools, as well as the approach to dynamic governance. It also helped us to develop a common language and understanding of what self-organization is.