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Taster Workshop in Amsterdam

On January 27th, we held the first Holacracy Taster event of the year. The venue was Loetje aan 't IJ in Amsterdam which has become the standard venue for these events: reachable both by car and ferry from Central Station. Overlooking the port, the newly developed areas and all the way back to the old city, it's simply an inspiring location in itself. 

The group consisted of professionals from various backgrounds: a safety and quality manager, a CEO of a startup, an organizational consultant, strategists and web developers - all interested in introducing Holacracy to their companies or colleagues. 


Koen gave an introductory presentation on Holacracy and self-organization and gave all participants the opportunity to express their questions, remarks and ideas about the matter upfront. The group was then split into two smaller groups, each of which was given the assignment to build a city using Lego. Through Tactical and Governance meetings the groups experienced the basics of collaboration in a Holacracy.

When the construction had completed, there was a joint discussion and a Question and Answer session on Holacracy itself and on possible implementation processes for organizations. Finally, there were of course drinks at the bar for the final reflections.