At OrganizationBuilders, we support you in self-organization. We are a licensed Holacracy provider with certified consultants. As active contributors to the international self-organization movement, we welcome requests to support a self-organization discovery and implementation. 

Not sure what self-organization is? Then head straight to our basics page. 


Our services

Our activities span the field of self-organization, from exploring to implementing:

  • Discovering Holacracy - Taster workshops to experience self-organization in real-life: see our Events page for more information

  • Learning Holacracy - A training academy to build/develop self-organization skills: see our Academy page for more information*

  • Holacracy implementations - Enable your organization to get self-organized: see our Cases to learn about our clients

Our people

Our team consists of former strategy consultants with extensive experience in transformation processes. Our core team is formed by three Dutch natives who are fluent in English; for international projects we are supported by equally qualified team members from Germany and Italy. Meet the team on our People page.


Our office

We operate internationally from our basis in the Amsterdam area. See our Contact page to get in touch.


*Our training academy offerings are only open to our implementation clients.